11 November, 2016: Invited review article titled “Integrated research as key to the development of a sustainable geothermal energy technology” is accepted for publication in Energy Technology. We provide an overview of the geothermal research at KIT and emphasize the need for concerted research efforts at the international level to accelerate technological breakthrough of Enhanced Geothermal Systems as an essential part of a future sustainable energy system. Here is the link to the published article.ente2016_review_graphical-abstract

16 October, 2016: Avisor’s article titled “Phase-field simulations of curvature-induced cascading of Widmanstätten-ferrite plates” is accepted for publication in Acta Materialia. In this article, we uncover a curvature-induced cascading mechanism that leads to colony formation. Here is a preprint.

18 August, 2016: Our article titled “Electric-field-induced lamellar to hexagonally perforated lamellar transition in diblock copolymer thin films : Kinetic pathways” is accepted for publication in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. The online first version is available here.


1 August, 2016: Our article titled “Phase-field modeling of grain-boundary grooving under electromigration” is accepted for publication in Journal of Electronic Materials. A preprint is available here.

31 May, 2016: The book version of my doctoral thesis titled “Phase-field modeling of microstructural pattern formation in alloys and geological veins” is published by KIT Scientific Publishing. Free soft copy can be downloaded here. Alternatively, soft cover edition can be ordered on Amazon for 47 € (Order on Amazon).


18 May, 2016: Article titled “Surface rippling during solidification of binary polycrystalline alloy: Insights from 3-D phase-field simulations” is accepted for publication in the Journal of Crystal Growth. This work provide deeper insights into the mechanisms by which surface rippling instigate adjacent to crystal imperfections. The reported advancements are reminiscent of the seminal work by R.J. Schaefer and M.E. Glicksman that won ASM’s Young Author Award in 1970s.  A copy of the accepted version can be downloaded here.


6 April, 2016: Our recent paper on 3-D pattern formation in block copolymers featured in Kaleidoscope for Physical Review E, March edition (2016). Have a look.

23 February, 2016: Our article titled “Influence of substrate interaction and confinement on electric field induced transition in symmetric block copolymer thin films” is accepted for publication in Physical Review E. A preprint is available here.

22 January, 2016: Dr.-Ing. Kumar Ankit awarded German Research Foundation’s grant in the framework of Early Career Investigators Academy. The topic of the research project : Microstructural pattern formation during eutectoid transformation in multicomponent steels.

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